Charities Recycle 60 Million Books a Year ? A Boon to Book Lovers and Entrepreneurs

Hudson, MA (PRWEB) June 25, 2011

People donate over 60 million books a year to charity groups such as Friends of Libraries, and those groups in turn sell them at book sales. A recent survey reveals that not only are book lovers buying millions of those books, but fledgling entrepreneurs are building small businesses re-selling those books online.

Book Sale Finder recently conducted a comprehensive survey of charity book sale organizers and attendees (used book dealers and other book buyers). The survey results detail the many reasons for buying books at these sales. Most attendees are looking for bargain books to read or to add to their collections; established booksellers use charity book sales as the biggest source for their stock. But particularly noteworthy are the many retirees, homemakers, and part-timers who run profitable home-based book selling businesses using tools and services available online.

The survey results also provide such information as which states have the most charity book sales (in 2010 there were 7,263 sales), how much the charities receive from the sales, where book dealers sell books, the size of their stock, and their annual revenues.

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