Books – Small But Powerful

BooksBooks pervade the lives of human beings, without which the wealth of knowledge could have come to a complete halt. It could have simply disappeared into oblivion and the modern conveniences that we are enjoying now wouldn’t have been accomplished. We may not realize it but most of the time, we tend to overlook the importance of books, not only in our lives, but in the growth of this fast-growing world of ours.

If you look at history, you will see that the things that were learned by great inventors, artists, and even the compositions of musicians, were all recorded in books. These were then handed down from generation to generation, and every time this happens, new innovations were infused, thereby increasing the existing knowledge that has already been recorded. In fact, learning was made easier and viable because of the different books that have been used by the people who have come before us.

Our ancestors went out of their way to preserve history, to make sure that everything discovered is recorded, and that whatever is learned is passed on to the next generation. This has made the world what it is now, and it is our duty to do the same for future generations.

But haven’t you wondered why the number of people reading books has decreased? Haven’t you noticed how children find more pleasure in front of the computers compared to reading books? Well, it is quite understandable that what technology provides us has more colors, is more interactive and is more “fun.” But if you really look at it, these are temporary pleasures that may create positive impact on children but there seems to be a huge difference between children who are exposed to more books compared to those who are exposed to devices and even computers.

In today’s highly technological times where there has been an evolution which took place in the learning processes of children, books should and still need to remain a part of their education. There is simply no substitute reading books. It allows the different facets of the brain to work at once, thereby strengthening synapses and neural connections.

Books are indeed small, but they create a huge impact in a child’s life. These are important materials that we cannot just live without. So grab the nearest book you can find and expand your knowledge. Better yet, read a book to your child today.

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